Identity for my year’s graduation exhibition at Södra Vätterbygdens Folkhögskola, 2016. We chose the theme, hotel, together in class and then I was responsible for the visual identity and most of the production of originals.


Two posters were made for a playful and dynamic tone and for better visibility on the poster walls in town


The invitation, consisting of a classic hotel soap and a faux booking confirmation with all the necessary information. Copy and layout together with Emma Burne


I also made a website with information about the exhibition, such as individual pages for each project and directions to the venue. Illustration on the first page by Daniel Elv-Forsén


Artwork for the event and page on Facebook, based on unused concepts for the posters


The hotel theme was present during the exhibition. We had a band playing lounge music on the opening night, we set up a concierge desk in the entrance and each exhibition booth was regarded as a hotel room with a room number assigned to it. 


Toilet sign based on the exit button found on the website

P.S. One of the posters for H-T-L is visible on Google Street View